When companies see changes, product labels can provide the right message


For a company with product to sell, having authorized and accurate labels on hand can convey different kinds of information to a prospective buyer in a fast and clean way. In the case of a major takeover or transition of property, a company can consider making labels that tell the consumer what they need to know about its business: either that it’s changed, or, conversely, that it will be staying the same.

Food labels can be an especially critical area in which this principle can be seen, as the slightest change in someone’s preferred brand could be enough to dissuade them if a marketer acts recklessly. The recent high-profile acquisition of American pork producer Smithfield by the Chinese company Shuanghui International, for example, is likely to stay in consumer’s minds when they see Smithfield’s products on shelves. This could raise concerns considering the Chinese company’s reported history of including questionable chemicals in its pork, according to the New York Times.

However, Smithfield has apparently maintained a longtime relationship with its new owners, and this transition stands to introduce Chinese citizens to the different products Smithfield offers as well. Shuanghui will now also have access to the considerable assets offered by the American producer. In both cases, maintaining the brand is crucial to keeping business interests alive, which may include the way that these food labels themselves are presented to buyers.

A color label printer can allow for the kind of packaging that either maintains a specific standard or informs customers of important new changes. Either way, the label can be just as effective as other forms of marketing in making a statement that customers will respond to.

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