Water bottle labels with specific imagery

When it comes to water, all of the specifics that make each product special can be included on the label. Packaging World has reported on the case of a bottled water brand called Cabreiroá.

As the article notes, this company utilizes a look for its labels that combines the name of the product with a different image in the background for the six different labels chosen. This was done to create a special effect that required double printing but endeavored to make their bottled water stand out. From the look of it, the tactic is not unlike that of Fiji water, except this one is tailored to the company's Spanish origin.

The article quotes Juan Paz García, who works for the company that owns the Cabreiroá label, on the way this design gives a distinct look to the bottles that connects it to the Galicia region, where the company originates.

"In our opinion, this is a fantastic method of conveying a message of vitality and Galician origin in a simple and natural way," he said.

Compare that with a different bottled water that is also using specific imagery on its labels. The Big Lead reports on Major League Baseball's Kansas City Royals, who are attempting to package special bottles that feature water from the fountain at Royals Stadium. The bottles are blue, and a picture label on the front shows the fountain that serves as the bottle's source.

Bottled water companies should take full advantage of color label printers when it comes to designing the images that will make their water stand out. With all of the freedom that color printing gives you, you can depict things with more detail and accuracy.

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