Vitamin Labels

Unlike some types of labels, vitamin labels have the added task of not only being visually appealing but also informational. For example, vitamin supplements need to tout all of their ingredients, information on how these minerals and vitamins can help buyers live a healthy lifestyle and the recommended dosages users should take.

As a result, creating short-run and test labels is often a process that takes time, as multiple versions of the final labels need to be printed and refined. And while this process used to take weeks, vitamin companies that are looking to ensure their product catches the attention of the market may want to invest in an affordable printer that can help them increase the quality of their short-run and specialty labels sooner.

Printing custom labels on demand with LX-Series label printers
With LX-Series label printers from Primera, business owners can print vitamin labels that allow buyers to see all of the important nutritional information with clarity. With a 4800 dpi print resolution, companies that specialize in nutritional supplements, vitamins and other related items can ensure that all of their labels are perfect before hitting the press.

Crafting defining labels with LX-Series label printersSince LX-Series label printers come equipped with NiceLabel software, business owners can make the process of creating labels quick and easy. And since the software works with both Macs and PCs, users can enjoy the easy-to-use interface no matter what kind of computer they use at work.

The benefits of an LX-Series label printer
When working with third-party label providers, businesses used to need to schedule lead times and meet minimum order requirements, processes that could take added time and drain a company's valuable resources. However, by buying an LX-Series label printer from Optimedia Labs, business owners can gain the tools they need to circumvent these concerns, creating eye-catching packages for top products that will be sure to cause a splash.

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