Using Epson printers to enhance a medical facility’s efficiency

The American healthcare industry has taken a seat in the spotlight in recent years, with major legislative changes being passed to increase the efficiency of hospitals and insurance companies, and improve patient protection. Many professionals are finding ways to make their operations more efficient.

This can include improvements down to the smallest detail, which can often add up to a big difference. One way some healthcare facilities are doing this is through better product labels.

The healthcare industry is full of labels – between the warning and directional signs found in hospitals and emergency rooms to prescription centers, constantly printing custom labels about consumer and product information.

Therefore, healthcare centers must be able to rely on a durable and high-quality label printer, such as the Epson SecurColor C3400. This color label printer is capable of creating patient wristbands worn at check-in, visitor name cards, chemical identifiers and other critical labels.

"In a high-demand sector such as healthcare, users require reliability and consistency," said the company's press release. "The Epson SecurColor C3400 offers both, using the highest-quality ink to print color-fast, waterproof images on a wide variety of substrates at widths of up to 4.4 inches."

By investing in this printer, healthcare professionals will be able to create a number of different labels that will allow them to effectively communicate all the necessary information required from a high-quality producer.

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