Using Epson printers to create high-quality secondary labels

Primary labels are most often used for product promotion. These custom labels reside on the front of the package, facing toward the aisle. As such, they are responsible for creating the first impression that consumers develop with a product – a key component to their buying process. The secondary labels, though, are just as important, since they are used to deliver critical information to consumers about the product. Whether its nutritional statistics and figures, safety hazards or operating directions, secondary labels provide function to the primary label's form. Therefore, businesses should be sure that they not only have an effective label printer for primary labels, bus also a dynamic one for secondary.

Just In Time Color (JITC) is a new label printing technology from Epson that can provide numerous benefits to companies that use it for their custom secondary labels. For example, JITC allows businesses to print labels in real time, eliminate pre-printed inventory, reduce labor and waste, emphasize important information, add images, permit last second design changes and increase the marketing potential for the typically dry secondary labels.

In addition, JITC can be great for shorter label runs as well as help create new product introductions and promote regional productions. Furthermore, by increasing SKUs, businesses can respond to increasing consumer demand for product variation (because the labels can be changed so quickly using JITC technology) and create a more accurate supply, rather than over-producing private label products, which companies tend to do.

By investing in an Epson ColorWorks C3400 or C3400-LT label printer, businesses will be able to use JITC technology to enhance the quality of their custom secondary labels. As consumers demand more information and custom label transparency from manufacturers, these dynamic printers can help provide the range of capabilities needed to adjust the secondary labels that provide this information as well increase its overall quality.

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