Sauce labels may be trending toward simplicity, flavor

Sauces with strong, natural flavors could entice consumers interested in eating more simply.

When creating and printing sauce labels, companies need to make their ingredients stand out and respond to the ever-changing tastes of the customer. An article for Food Processing by David Phillips from last month looked at two elements that could impact a consumer's likelihood of buying a particular condiment: flavor and "cleanness" of ingredients. The latter refers to food labels that present a simple amount of ingredients, rather than a long list of chemicals shoppers won't understand.

Sugars, emulsifiers and other agents are often added to sauces and salad dressings, but since there is a growing consumer interest in organic foods with fewer additives, simpler labels could be more appealing. With an easier-to-understand label design, sauce makers stand the chance of putting their content forward and making the buyer feel more at ease.

As far as radical flavors go, Phillips cites examples of bold tastes, like the ever-popular Sriracha, that might challenge producers to draw from unexpected sources. He quotes a flavor company marketing manager, Jean Shieh, on the way natural flavors "capture unique culinary taste without adding complexity to the manufacturing process."

"For example, our sautéed onion flavor and roasted garlic flavor can provide the desired savory note with the right amount of pungent garlic taste in pasta sauces and salad dressings," she added.

Hot sauces, pasta sauces and condiments of all kinds are easy to label if their manufacturers have industrial labeling systems that are prepared to handle an immense product inventory. OptiMedia Labs has multiple printing options for sauce labels, including the VIPColor VP485 and Primera LX900 color label printers. These will guarantee great quality and clarity as producers make the necessary choices to keep their brand going strong.

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