Live Food Bar uses Primera LX900 to create custom labels for new products

Small, local business often rely on "Best Of" rewards run by local media outlets to give the public a sense of their popularity. Natural Healthcare Canada annually conducts a Best of Canada Award series annually, in which residents vote for their favorite health and wellness products and services.

Live Food Bar, in Toronto, is one of the companies running for the honor of Best Organic/Healthy Restaurant. Voting ended Sunday night and the results are expected to be released on Thursday of this week. At last check, Live Food Bar lead Burlington's Kindfood by nearly 200 votes and The Naked Sprout by an even wider margin. Other top nominees included Ottawa's FUK Flour, The Green Door and The Table, along with Port Moody's Chomp.

Live Food Bar is also an example of an establishment that uses custom food labels to market its high-quality in-house products. This restaurant is committed to providing high-quality, healthy and organic meals and products with little environmental impact.

"We believe that the only way food should be processed is by the human body," says the restaurant's website. "Our cuisine is influenced by the flavors we remember from our mother's kitchen. Many different cultural ingredients are combined in our handmade organic vegan dishes where quality and flavor come first."

Besides being Madonna's favorite restaurant when she's touring or traveling in Toronto, the business, founded by a brother and a sister, is expanding. In fact, since the restaurant began its own manufacturing arm, revenue has increased by 5 percent each month. With Live Food Bar products being sold in grocery stores all across the city, the business has had to ramp up its label printing capabilities to meet increasing demand.

Using a proven color label printer to help support increased sales

Using a Primera LX900 color label printer, Live Food Bar prints at least 500 labels every day, and has created hundreds of thousands of labels over the course of the company's life. Liz Bedard, from Live Organic Food Products, says that Optimedia Labs has been a superb help in developing her company. Being based in Toronto has afforded the two entities the ability to respond immediately to each other's requests or needs, although the color label printers have never broken or caused any troubles.

The smooth-running label printers used by Live Food are proving to be valuable to the company's expansion by providing quick takeout options, such as salads, juices and pre-made meals with custom labels. Bedard has also said that the software provided by Optimedia Labs works seamlessly with Adobe Illustrator and that no one can tell that the small business makes the labels itself.

By using a Primera LX900 color label printer to effectively label its products. Live Food Bar not only ensures that the quality of its products are the best it can provide, but the way it represents itself in its restaurants and local food retailers is up to the same standards of quality.

Bedard says that because Live Food is still a growing company, it is able to constantly test new business strategies. By printing labels in-house using a Primera LX900, the businesses can print out limited batches of 100 product labels until it knows that a particular product will sell. It also uses its in-house label printing system for barcode labels and refrigerator labels.

By working with Optimedia Labs, Live Food is able to receive immediate customer service, allowing them to be as flexible as they need to be given their status as an emerging company.

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