Labels: More than just marketing

This blog has discussed the importance of labels when it comes to marketing and creating lasting impression on consumers. But, custom labels often carry an important role in the manufacturing and production aspect of business.

In fact, these labels can be absolutely critical to ensure the safety of all employees. This is why organizations such as the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) were created – to monitor how safe a company's workplace is and its effective use of labels.

With everything from factory, manufacturing and even creating a retail brand, food companies rely on labels for a variety for reasons. But, oftentimes, these labels are subjected to a number of obstacles that can damage or even cause important labels to become removed or illegible. This can not only be dangerous for employees, but also violate OSHA citations and, if on a product's primary label, even affect sales.

"The food industry – from production to processing – relies on chemical washdown processes to eliminate bacteria and stay sanitary," Steve Stephenson, chief marketing officer at Graphic Products, said in a press release. "Signs and labels communicate safe plant procedures for these requirements. Because of the harsh environment, standard signs have a tendency to bleed or simply peel right off." 

By investing a Primera LX400 color label printer, or an Epson C3400-LT, food manufacturers, processors and even retailers can create the appropriate labels for any task. Whether it's factory maintenance and handling or marketing and advertising, these printers can create high-quality custom labels that will comply to standards and effectively communicate any message.

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