How to use silver to spruce up custom labels

Who says silver is for second place? This precious metal has been used as a financial investment and the base metal for jewelry, ornaments, silverware and currency. In addition, the element can be used for conducting electricity and as a catalyst for creating chemical reactions. Furthermore, photographers have been using silver in their fine art prints, and pharmacists have found ways to incorporate it into antibiotics.

But, Optimedia Labs, a premier label printer and ink company, is offering companies the ability to use silver in their custom labels with the release of Polyester Silver Labels. 

These labels are made with a reflective, high-gloss surface that is also water-resistant. Furthermore, this feature is able to comply with many different surfaces, even curved and cylindrical shapes, which allow any product to be adorned with an attractive silver label.

"Silver Polyester Labels can be applied in a number of attractive ways by businesses in a variety of industries," said the company's press release. "These labels add a muted refinement to personal health products, vitamins and supplements, CDs and DVDs, cookware and home accessories."

In addition, companies can use these to add an elegant touch on food and beverage labels, while jewelry and perfume bottles can become more regal with polyester silver labels, as well. Any product can benefit from the use of these custom labels as they will be able to create a more attractive product that pops right off a store's shelf.

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