Creating custom labels for in-house products that inform consumers

As citizens in California set to vote on whether to include a specific label on all food products containing genetically modified ingredients, one grocer has decided to piggyback on this trend of transparency with its own private label collection.

Kroger, a major grocery chain, has released its Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic products nationwide. These private label products are either certified USDA organic or many of the products, regardless of organic level, are free of  101 different artificial preservatives and ingredients, which many consumers have voiced disdain for.

With more than 30 categories under the private label, customers can find products such as milk, salads, dried fruit, sodas, yogurt, chips and quinoa beans bearing the company’s green, circular logo with very simple ingredient statements, according to a press release.

“While the organic products are available in most conventional grocery stores, our customers told us that labels can be confusing, and there’s a general belief in the marketplace that organic means more expensive,” Mary Adcock, vice president of natural foods for Kroger, said in the press release. “At Kroger we understand these challenges, so we’re offering our shoppers the Simple Truth Organic brand, an easy, more clearly labeled and affordable way to buy organic products.”

As a major chain such as Kroger’s is putting emphasis on simple, honest and clear labels for their food products, it’s clear that consumers are demanding such behaviors from all manufacturers and retailers. If other grocers wish to rebrand their private food label products they may want to follow suit and create these clear and honest custom labels by investing in a Primera LX900 color label printer.

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