Coffee labels can fit on product-specific packaging

Coffee packaging can feature labels that fit the flexible nature of coffee bags.

The Primera LX900 Color Label Printer lets companies adapt labels to packaging that is uniquely suited to their products. While many product labels are meant for application on containers made from hard materials, like boxes or wine bottles, coffee often comes in a soft bag, and the shape can change depending on the weight and amount of coffee inside. Coffee labels look good on the outside of these bags and are flexible enough to move with the material.

Coffee makers can choose labels that work with flexible bags in a few different ways. Smooth, contrasting colors help draw attention away from wrinkles and creases in the bag and toward the content of the labels themselves.

Detroit Bold Coffee, a local Michigan-based brand recently profiled by Click On Detroit makes use of this technique by presenting the brand name in a simple, strong color on the front of the bag. Because the red, blue, purple and black labels are so visually arresting, they look like a natural fit even though the coffee bag shape bulges unevenly in certain places. 

Bag shape also impacts the labels coffee makers can use when the packaging serves an extra function. A 2013 article from Packaging World profiled Nature's Coffee Kettle, a company that produces coffee that can be brewed inside the bag, thanks to a special spout attached to it. The label still features a wealth of color and detail, even though a section of the flexible pouch is devoted to the plastic spout and cap.

The Primera LX900 lets companies quickly make colorful labels that fit their coffee and tea products. This printer is easy to set up and start using, and can immediately improve label production rates with its quick speeds. 

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