CFIA to reduce presence in food label regulation

This blog has reported on how many consumers and activists in the United States are demanding changes to be made to food labels. These include innovations such as a health-labeling system as well as the recent genetically modified ingredients controversy in California.

But, according to the CBC, Canada is also experiencing a shift in the way food labels are monitored.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is going through with with deregulating changes that will put less governmental pressure on food manufacturers. This is causing many experts to say that the new regulations essentially leave the food producers to the role of policing itself, with consumers playing the role of label-checker. But, the CFIA disagrees.

"It is important to note that the CFIA is not reducing the number of front-line inspectors or activities aimed at verifying the accuracy of labels in the marketplace," Guy Gravelle, CFIA media relations officer, told the CBC News in an email. "Inspectors will continue to check labeling and advertising through a range of activities, including investigations into complaints, facility and retail inspections and laboratory testing."

Regardless of what the changes may mean for companies that sell food products in Canada, these businesses will still need to produce high-quality custom labels that not only comply with standards, but also market the product.

By investing in a Primera LX900 color label printer, Canadian manufacturers and retailers can create the labels they need to ensure a happy consumer base and an attractive product.

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