Candle labels adopt Girl Scout Cookie flavors

A new line of Yankee Candles has adapted Girl Scout Cookie flavors into scents.

We've written about scented candles several times before, but these products remain a unique way to turn a familiar and beloved flavor into a fragrance that many can enjoy just by entering the room.

Yankee Candle has released four new products based on popular flavors of Girl Scout Cookies, and the match between these two brands could prove to be a powerful one for increasing sales.However, it's worth remembering the different considerations that must accompany a change in product type.

Printing a logo and design on the side of a cardboard box is different from coming up with the optimal combination of color, text and images for new candle labels. Since Yankee Candle often releases special fragrances, some of which correspond with and commemorate different events, the right campaign could take advantage of this pre-existing audience.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the four Girl Scout Cookie candles are Thin Mints, Trefoils, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Coconut Caramel Stripes (also known as Samoas or Carmel De Lites). Each candle features two images of the particular cookie it is associated with, one whole and one eaten, along with an overall color scheme inspired by the boxes they have been associated with for years: green ,blue red and purple, respectively. Above each of these customized labels sits the standard Yankee Candle name, pressed onto the glass body of the candle container.

This product demonstrates the usefulness of label applicators that can turn original or replicated designs from one medium into attractive displays on another. Used in tandem with a compatible printer, companies will have a full set of devices needed to produce high-quality labels and keep consumers interested in new items that stay true to an established brand presence.

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