British wine retailer creates custom Prince Harry labels

British Royalty have always had a watchful eye on them from the public – both in England and abroad. So when pictures of Prince Harry "romping" around Las Vegas in the nude were released onto the internet in early September, they quickly went viral and made major headlines.

But, while the Prince may be doing his best to get back into the good graces of the public, according to USA Today, there's still no hiding the fact that the incident took place. At this point, the ordeal has evolved to a parodic level as, according to British newspaper the Cotswold Journal, a wine retailer has created custom labels playing on the Prince's recent scandal.

The wine store, known as Sheldon's Wine Cellars, is owned by Peter Creek. The business had already been selling a rose wine under its own label, but when the scandal broke, the owner hired local artist Dan Lacey to quickly draw up a cartoon parody of the instance and dubbed the line "Royal Blush."

"Customers seem to love it and it has been flying off the shelves – our rose sales are up by 200 percent," Creek told the source. "We haven't done anything like this before but we thought this merited a bit of fun and was too good an opportunity to miss."

The label features a cartoonish Prince Harry chalking a pool cue in a rather promiscuous position without any clothes on.

While the custom wine label has seen extraordinary success in a matter of days, it's clear that commenting on cultural events and opinions can be a great way to draw attention and generate sales for a low-cost product. If other companies wish to quickly change their product labels to comment on cultural events, they may want to use a Primera LX900 color label printer.

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