ADHD children may benefit from healthier diets


Food manufacturers should be aware of the many diets that are being implemented every day and consider expanding their produce to include the particular items found popular by the general public. The type of foods one eats could have an impact on more than losing weight and even fighting heart disease or cancer. Healthy fruits and vegetables along with the different drinks consumed could improve cognitive functioning and stabilize some types of mental disorders.

For instance, parents with children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have found that changing diets could alleviate the symptoms of this illness, according to ADDitude Magazine. Along with taking medication and behavioral therapies, certain products like vitamins and fish oil can offer benefits for ADHD patients.

Also, eliminating food sensitivities – such as eggs, dairy, soy or gluten – could prevent a child from becoming overly active. For instance, one mother suspected that eggs made her son become unruly, but the doctor found gluten to be the cause. Taking gluten out of the child’s diet proved to be beneficial for this family.

A study published in the Lancet shows that 64 percent of children with ADHD who consisted on a diet of rice, meat, vegetables, pears and water for five weeks showed significant improvements in their ADHD symptoms as compared to a control group that were on an unrestricted diet. According to a Georgia-based ABC affiliated publication, Margaret McFadden, a mother who’s daughter has this illness, chose an organic diet along with vitamins for her child after she reacted badly to the medication she was taking.

“It hurt to see her having to go through that,” McFadden told the source. “She had a really adverse reaction to it, she was like staring out the window all night, could not sleep for anything, would not eat, would not do anything.”

Food manufacturers may see some parents choosing a healthier diet for their children and by incorporating customized food labels on one’s products, it is likely that a company may see a rise in profit. With the help of a Primera LX900 color label printer, any entrepreneur could gain consumer attention.

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