Label Printers

Can you get the same color on boxes and beverages?


As this blog has stated many times, a color label printer can help create food and beverage labels when businesses have to add a new product but keep the same imagery as the old one. Whether this is part of a combined effort with another brand or simply an expansion of the original one, companies owe it to themselves and their customer base to find the best quality printer for their needs. That includes not just a printer that will render the images correctly, but one that can do so on a large scale as needed.

When one of the brands or products involved in a "crossover" rebranding project seems to clash with the other, labels might have to be especially calibrated to explain exactly what the new item is to consumers so they don't get confused. A recent example of this is a beer based off of the familiar Wheaties cereal that is set for a limited local distribution beginning later this month.

According to NPR, the resulting beer will be called HefeWheaties after the hefeweizen style it is made in. A photo included with the source shows that the can will specifically emulate some of the most famous elements of the Wheaties box, including the stark orange background and slanted white logo.

For a similar kind of marketing initiative, the Afinia L801 Color Label Printer makes a solid choice for producers based on multiple statistics. Its ink system consists of five tanks, one each for of the CMYK inks, and it also comes packaged with the software needed to design custom labels, both for display on the product and the bar code.

Why are in-house barcode printers important?


Barcodes are essential for multiple facets of business and when printing them requires companies to know that they will meet the exacting standards that the government and their business needs require.

Why does using an in-house printer for barcodes make a difference? Investing in a versatile printer like the Primera LX900 can give companies the features they need for continued high performance, including multiple options for color and a fast printing speed to help stay within production cycle schedules.

Here are some more specific reasons why it's more effective to have your own label printer ready for barcodes. You can learn more about the LX900 or any of the other printers we have available by contacting our friendly and supportive staff:

  • Better organization: With a printer in-house, companies narrow the trail they have to trace back when something goes wrong or needs to be changed. There's also a direct connection between the way companies create barcode labels and use them to monitor inventory.
  • Guaranteed Legibility: Relying on outside sources for label printing leaves you at the mercy of their systems, which could create barcodes that are streaky and unreadable. The unique shipping unit numbers attached to barcodes, as well as the bars themselves, have to be clear and easy to read for proper scanning.
  • Lower overall costs: Budget for your label costs in advance with a system you buy and run within your own company. OptiMedia Labs offers compatible printers, software and label stock that can be incorporated into your planning early on. In addition, you can purchase each component as needed, rather than investing in outside services that may not be as relevant.

Create barcode labels more effectively with the high-tech capabilities of the Primera LX900 and other options available today.