Label Printers

Printer comparison: The Primera LX900 vs. the VIPColor VP485


Are you trying to decide on the right color label printer? The Primera LX900 and VIPColor VP485 are the only dye-based label printers available for less than $3,000, and offer many of the same features for companies printing between 200 and 1,000 labels per month. Let's take a closer look at what sets them apart, and why you might prefer one printer over the other.

The LX900 and VP485 are both compatible with Windows, and each use four individual tanks of cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink. They also both print pre-die-cut labels and can connect via USB, although the VP485 supports ethernet connectivity as well.

Compared to the LX900, the VP485 also has an advantage when it comes to the optional rewinder: while both printers support this function, the VP485's option is $865, $34 cheaper than the LX900's $899 rewinder option.

However, the LX900 is generally more user-friendly and less technical than the VP485, and comes with features that make it easier for those who have less experience with label printers to use. The LX900 is smaller, comes with a built-in label alignment tool and includes a cost estimator to help you calculate exactly how much is spent on ink for each label printed. With the LX900, users will also have a set regular time between when a print job is sent to the printer and when it begins, as opposed to the less regular intervals experienced with the VP485.

Each of these printers is best suited to shorter runs of labels and can be adjusted to accept different lengths and widths as needed. For more information on these two printers, contact us today. You can also read the VP485 data sheet for more details about that printer.

The Afinia L801 vs. the Primera LX900: Which one is right for you?


OptiMedia Labs sells both the Primera LX900 and Afinia L801 Color Label Printers. They are each high-quality printers that can produce customized labels for specific product surfaces. But which one is better for you? To decide, let's look closer at the strengths of each printer.

The L801 has the lowest ink cost out of all dye-based printers as well as two black ink reservoirs, as opposed to the single black cartridge that many CMYK printers use. Furthermore, it can print labels at 60 feet per minute with 1600 x 800 DPI resolution and uses 250 ml ink tanks, combining the lowest cost of all dye-based inkjet printers with a reliable rate. It also incorporates a built-in cutter, making it ideal for printing continuous rolls.

When it comes to the LX900, easy maintenance and versatility are key assets. This printer is the best short-run value under $3,000, and will print bold, colorful images with a resolution of 4800 DPI, at 10 labels per minute.

Both printers are compatible with versions of Bartender label software, and both can print pre-die cut labels, though only the L801 can print them continuously. The LX900, on the other hand, is compatible with Mac and Windows drivers, while the L801 only works with Windows. 

There's one major factor that distinguishes these two from each other, though: the amount of labels needed. While the LX900 is the most cost-effective for companies that need 5,000 labels or fewer per month, the L801 is better suited for larger orders. Not only will it print these labels faster, the incremental savings in ink cost per label can easily add up over time. You will have more money and ink supplies to work with and can plan further orders accordingly.

Learn more about each of these printers by visiting their product pages, or contacting us.