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Could emoticons be effective on food labels?


Familiarity with the internet and texting means that many electronics users know about "emoticons," images that convey emotions through simple symbols that are easy to replicate. A new study suggests that emoticons could have a positive effect on consumption if used in food labels. Versatile color label printing solutions enable food companies to adapt to these concepts, giving them freedom in how they label products.

This research was led by Dr. Milica Vasiljevic of the University of Cambridge, UK, and argues against the use of green and red in food labels, which has been popularized through "stoplight" label initiatives. Gauging the reaction of 955 different UK residents, the study compared smiling and frowning emoticons, as well as the use of certain colors, to see if participants would be more likely to choose a chocolate or cereal bar. The faces were displayed alongside the exact same calorie and serving information for each product.

The results showed that the icons displaying frowning faces were more likely to be effective, at least when it comes to perceived tastefulness and healthfulness of food. Red and green were found to have no effect, though a white background did trigger a reaction when paired with the frowning emoticon.

"The finding that a simple smiling or frowning emoticon can influence people's engagement with a certain type of behaviour may have far-reaching consequences for the design of very simple, engaging, easy to understand, and cost-effective population-based interventions that may have the added benefit of reaching the most deprived social groups," the report reads.

Not every company will find success with the same color and symbol combination. Adjustable label printers allow companies to make their own unique pieces that fit a specific style and works for their audience, no matter which colors they prefer.

Printing appealing labels with the Afinia L801 Color Label Printer


For those that want custom color labels at a professional level that look great and are easy to make, the Afinia L801 Color Label Printer offers the materials for a high-quality product that is easy to work with on a regular basis. It produces as many as 60 feet of labels per minute and will accept glossy or matte label stock, guaranteeing a professional degree of clarity no matter which type of stock the labels are printed on.

Harnessing Memjet technology, this printer is easy to store and use, integrating well with the BarTender software used to make labels based on template designs for barcodes and other special label kinds. Along with the factors that come packaged in the L801, which include an unwinder and automatic cutter system, the L801 will match up with the Rewinder Unit, which we also sell through our site. The "specifications" sheet on our official L801 page lists more of the details businesses should expect, such as its print engine life and interface.

This printer continues to be a significant part of Afinia Label's product line, according to a press release from the company last month. In it, the company's Eastern Sales Manager, Brian Towey, addressed the value the digital label version of the L801 brings, specifically to companies producing wine labels. Afinia was promoting this new printer for a winery exposition based in Syracuse, New York.

"Our L801 prints in vibrant color on a number of high-quality substrates, at a very low cost per label," he said. "This can help a particular brand to stand out on a retailer's shelf."

Ease of access is as important as high quality for a reliable printer system that will give recurrent value. The Afinia L801 Color Label Printer gives both of these, and is available alongside compatible ink cartridges and labels as well.