Label Printers

The UniNet iColor 900 Color Label Printer


For a fully efficient label printing system, businesses need a printer that can handle large workloads quickly and create high-quality labels ready for application. This description can be used for many of the printers in the OptiMedia Labs store, but the UniNet iColor 900 model offers a suitable combination of efficiency, versatility and high volume. 

The iColor 900 prints labels as fast as 30 feet per minute and creates full color images in 1200 by 600 dpi. Since it also accepts label rolls as wide as 12 inches in diameter, companies with lots of labels to print can accommodate one small-to-medium size run of labels in one printer, printing roll-to-roll and across labels to save extra production time.

Not only is this digital press adaptable to the needs of different industries, with a large format label production option if needed, it works as an upgrade for those who have larger label runs than the UniNet iColor 900 can account for.

Though both of these printers will create high-quality images and logos for any color background or material, the iColor 900 is suited to wider label media and companies that have greater production concerns in general. It can print up to 14,400 labels for every roll measuring 1,250 feet of labeling stock. 

Because it has so many similarities to the smaller model, the 900 could feel like a natural progression from the 700. Although the two share the same print speed and quality, the 900 has both a higher color drum and color toner capacity, which can add up to smaller operating ink costs when it comes to longer label runs.

For more information on this printer and how it measures up to other UniNet iColor printers, contact OptiMedia Labs.

E-cigarette liquids require specific packaging


E-cigarette manufacturers need to remember the importance of color label printers, not just for the devices themselves, but for accessories and related products. The Associated Press reported on legislature related liquid nicotine packaging regulations that have been approved by the Ohio state Senate Transportation, Commerce and Labor Committee. According to the source, this measure would mandate that such packaging be made difficult for children to open to prevent injury.

Although e-cigarette and vaporizer sales have increased in recent years, producers need to remember the possible impact on those who may accidentally handle the items improperly. The specificity that applies to e-cigarette labels also has to be consistent on related items for consistency and government compliance.

The need for a custom kind of color label printing solution extends beyond safety. An article in Modern Farmers recently profiled Vape Organics, a company that produces nicotine refills, including the first liquid nicotine to be certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Before this, its product line of nicotine-free additives was noteworthy, and the article features a photo of several different flavored liquids rendered in special coded colors on a uniform brown background.

These two examples show the way color and label specificity play a role in label accuracy. OptiMedia labs features multiple options for printing labels, from the Primera LX900, which features a warranty up to three years, to the Afinia R635 Color Label Press, which can print images at 1200 x 600 dpi resolution and a speed of 30 feet per minute. This last option also accepts printing media as wide as 8.5 inches, meaning it could be used for other purposes in addition to custom e-cigarette labels. 

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