How to make your own labels?

More information about the Primera FX1200 Digital Finishing System


Laminated labels and other packaging materials with a defined finish give products a polished, professional look. The Primera FX1200 Digital Finishing System, makes it easy to achieve such results and is also a powerful addition to other related Primera printing technology and tools. As the product page on our website describes, this finishing system provides answers to many common label finishing problems.

For example, waste is a common by-product of label rolls, specifically the white matrix that comes printed on them. This needs to be cleanly removed in order for label processing to work, and thankfully, the FX1200 takes care of this as part of its overall process. When label rolls are fed into the FX1200, the waste can be removed without impacting the remaining labels or slowing down .

Another important factor in finishing is cutting the finalized labels precisely and quickly. The labels have to be separated to accommodate a busy production schedule and costs. This model comes with a "QuadraCut" system that uses four blades to successfully separate labels printed on many popular stocks, including matte paper.

Finally, this system is designed to be easy-to-use, with automated controls and a touch screen that simplifies tasks. For companies with a wide product range, multiple different kinds of labels can be finished properly with the same machine, reducing the need to turn to other sources to achieve the desired final touches.

Lamination and other important finishing tasks help customers identify your brand and think of it in a positive light, because you have taken the time to make labels that truly excel. Read more about the Primera FX1200 Digital Finishing System and related Primera products on our website. You can also easily find links to the label stock and toner cartridges needed to start using this system.

Should images of children be allowed on beer labels?


The contents of beer labels are just as important as their quality, and different legal measures throughout the country could affect the way that breweries design and market products. According to the Associated Press, New Hampshire law currently forbids alcohol marketing from using images that reference minors in any form. However, that could change.

A state representative is challenging state statutes over a beer brewed in Michigan called Founders Brewing Company's Breakfast Stout. This beverage can't be legally sold in bottles in NH because the logo depicts a cartoon child eating out of a bowl. The label also names the drink as a "double chocolate oatmeal stout," linking it to oatmeal eaten for breakfast.

The representative argues that the label couldn't possibly entice babies to buy it, this beverage can only be served in an unmarked tap in New Hampshire at the moment because of the labels on the bottles. He told the source that the image is not in reference to underage drinking. His proposed legal solution, House Bill 122, has been met with opposition from the state Liquor Commission. 

"It's obviously not meant to appeal to minors," he said. "It's a breakfast stout. It's a very heavy beer, like a bowl of porridge."

Images on labels are always open to interpretation, which could work against an alcohol brand as much as for it. Changing standards impact where a beverage can be sold and how it is perceived in markets outside of the home state. No matter where a product is being sold, the clarity of a label image helps to prove its true content. Custom printed labels have a real impact on how a beer producer gets treated and should be created with a mind for accuracy and ease of use.